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Developing the Business of Infrastructure

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Mission and  Background

TFIC is responding to the genuine crisis in US infrastructure across the spectrum of need, including funding, alternative procurement models, asset maintenance and new development. TFIC partners each approached the opportunity from their respective disciplines – development, finance, government relations and public service, real estate and engineering – and joined to incorporate TFIC in 2015.

TFIC’s mission is to act as a commercial enterprise in the service of common community aspirations. Investment in infrastructure, from this perspective, extends beyond commercial and financial considerations, and addresses wider ranging impacts of infrastructure on communities. Among these are public safety, economic and educational opportunity and social justice.

Our capabilities and background put us to work as a fundless sponsor, acting as a developer of assets and acquirer of operating/service companies in support of project development and asset management.

Target Market

TFIC focuses on opportunities that deliver value to communities, whether through services and upgraded physical assets, or from enhanced revenues shared with the public sector.

Specifically, TFIC has targeted opportunities referred to as “Core +” infrastructure, ancillary or supporting infrastructure, and of course businesses that support them. We work to create physical assets, related services, and property that rely on, support, enhance, or preserve the value of their related core infrastructure asset, and which are critical to the proper functioning of core infrastructure in the local economy.

These ‘constitutive infrastructure’ assets (meaning elements that are constituent parts of infrastructure systems) are frequently underserved, more accessible and frequent, and sometimes less competed than large scale core assets. The market segment has an extremely high value, particularly as public sector resources are strained. It also allows us to create a return of value to communities and revenues for the public sector without relying on public funding.

Importantly, these assets obtain most or all of the same equity characteristics of core infrastructure.

Enhanced Value Opportunities Graph

Example projects and investment opportunities include:

Infrastructure Properties
• Transit oriented development
• Industrial properties – port logistics centers, airport facilities
• Municipal, higher-education and medical campus facilities

Industrial, Transport and Energy Infrastructure
• Situationally advantaged renewable energy and energy infrastructure
• Industrial repurposing and rehabilitation
• Alternative transit and transportation support

Services and Operating Companies
• O&M / Specialty Contracting
• Asset Management
• Infrastructure Services and Technologies

TFIC Businesses

Treadwell Franklin Infrastructure Capital TFIC LLC is the holding and management company of TFIC businesses. We act as a fundless sponsor developing project assets and companies, and attracting investor capital to unique, proprietary infrastructure opportunities.

Sewall Logo James W. Sewall Company is a 140-year-old Maine-based engineering/design/geospatial services company, focusing on intelligent infrastructure and environmental projects, utilizing best-in-class design engineering and consulting capabilities. Sewall also includes its top ranking forestry appraisal and biometrics expertise in a separate subsidiary.

American Coast & Crossing American Coast & Crossing is a Maine-based infrastructure operations and maintenance company focused on a variety of asset types, including shore-line infrastructure and bridge assets. These include O&M and facilities management of TFIC assets, and with an emphasis on movable bridge maintenance, and dynamic maintenance programs associated with impacts of climate change and sea-level rise.

Port Everglades Port Everglades International Logistics Center LLC (PE-ILC LLC) is a joint venture development company partially owned by TFIC, with TFIC acting in a joint development role. The PE-ILC project is a replacement and reconstruction of the on-port foreign trade zone #25 logistics facility at Port Everglades in Ft.Lauderdale Florida. It comprises ca.290,000 ft2 of industrial warehousing, light manufacturing and cold/frozen storage, as well as office space and facilities for USDA, DEA, US Customs and Border Patrol and other relevant import agencies.