Treadwell Franklin Infrastructure

Developing the Business of Infrastructure

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How we work

TFIC acts as a partner, participant and team-member, or equally in a sole-lead developer and origination role. TFIC’s approach is focused on project success, above any institutional bias about titles, roles, position or control. This agnostic approach frees TFIC to serve clients and team-members with true alignment of interest.

Men at Work

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  • Principal Transaction Leadership & Structuring
  • Stakeholder Management & Government Relations
  • Project, Public/Municipal, & Corporate Finance
  • Commercial & Industrial Real Estate Development
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Construction Delivery & Construction Management
  • Regional Economic Development
  • Procurement Process & P3 Advisory
  • Deep Network Of Technical, Financial, Public & Institutional Relationships


TFIC’s partners, Advisory Board, affiliates and staff, bring to bear the full breadth of their experience on every situation. And TFIC’s experience affords us the knowledge that each situation requires new and nuanced solution, however similar it may look on its face.

TFIC has commercial and financial structuring experience in the areas of:

Employees Collaborating

  • Lease finance
  • Non-profit / 501c3 structures
  • Private Activity Bonds
  • Prepaid energy contracts
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Reorganizations
  • Tax Increment (TIF) finance
  • Conventional project finance
  • Factoring and Business credit
  • Commodity and reserve base finance
  • Development capital fundraising
  • Industrial decommissioning
  • Adaptive Reuse and repurposing